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Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey challenged the commission regarding the ongoing answer series of PGT Hindi-examination

Raghavendra Kr. Tripathi ‘Raghav’ :

Recently we had drawn the attention of the Commission to the serious inaccuracies made in the Hindi-subject papers of the PGT examination related to ‘Series A’. The Commission has recently released the answers to the Hindi-subject questions of the said examination, in which a large number of factual inaccuracies have been made, due to which the answers issued by the Commission appear to be wrong. Eminent linguist and critjc Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey has highlighted a large number of verifiable wrong answers from the answer series issued by the commission, on the basis of which he says that all the questions and options are wrong, they will have to be excluded from the test, only then the examinees justice will be done.

Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey has told that the answer ‘A’ to question 1 is wrong; Because ‘Barvai Namika Bhed’ is not the creation of any of the given options. The answer to question 12 has been given by the Commission as ‘A’, whereas none of the options is correct according to the question. The sentence in question 24 itself is incorrect, hence the answer issued by the Commission is not maintainable. In ‘Aapane kya kaha so maine nahin suna’, instead of ‘kya’, the use of ‘jo’ would be; Because ‘so’ is used with ‘jo’. Question 40 is answered as ‘B’, while the correct answer will be ‘D’; Because
“Dhan soi jas keerati jasu. Phool marai, pai marai na basu.” It is the composition of ‘Jaayasi’, not of ‘Kabirdas’. The Commission has given the answer to question 52 as ‘B’, which is incorrect; Because ‘Kuvalayamala Katha’ is not related to any of the given alternatives; The name of the original book is ‘Kuvalayamala’. Question 54 has been answered as ‘D’ (Khas), which is incorrect; The correct answer is ‘Khash’, which is not in the option. The answer to question 56 is given incorrectly as ‘D’, which is wrong; Because ‘object’ is not a meaningful word. The Commission has given the answer to question 78 as ‘B’, which is inappropriate; The reason is that ‘Somprabh Suri did not compose ‘Kumarpalpratibodh’. The names of Kritikar and Kriti are wrong. ‘Srisomprabhacharya’ had composed ‘Kumarpalpratibodhah’.

Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey has demanded a high level inquiry in the light of the above facts, so that playing with the future of the students can be curbed.