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Poem : Be ahead on duty

Awadhesh Kumar Shukla ‘Murakh Hirdai’ (Head Master UPS Kamipur, Kachhauna)-

Lo! life is busy
So life is easy,
If life is lazy,
Then life is crazy.

Behold at beauty,
Be yield to the duty,
If have no duty,
Then you’ll go booby.

No follow a hero,
Himself make you so,
Full pelt as arrow,
You aim at ditto.

Be ever a flag runner,
Come home as a winner,
If ever become loser
Start a fresh innings.

Be first for choice,
Select that nice,
Remain at the top,
Be hearts’- all voice.

You are creative piece,
So make things’ beauty,
Remain busy, dear,
Be ahead on duty .

अवधेश कुमार शुक्ला ‘मूरख हिरदै’ माघ पूर्णिमा, संत रविदास जयंती ९ फरवरी , २०२०

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