Bollywood film insult Chitragupta God, take prompt action : Satyam Kulshrestha

In Ajay Devgan’s new film Thank God, the adorable Guru of Kayasthas, Shri Chitragupta Bhagwan ji has been humiliated in some dialogues and work has been done to hurt the Hindu religion, the Kayastha society will not tolerate it at all.

Satyam Kulshrestha said that such dialogues which hurt religious sentiments should be removed from the film or else the Kayastha society will run a movement for it all over India, he said that it is very condemnable to hurt anyone irrespective of religion, caste, religion.

Sanjay Anand, the founder of Uttar Pradesh Kayastha Yuva Samaj, also appealed not to release this film and said that if these controversial dialogues are not removed, then we will all together make a huge movement against it.

Sudhir Kulshrestha Dr. Divya, Asit, Aarti Srivastava, Nakul, Naman, Prachi were present on this occasion.