सई नदी की करुण कथा : पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक नदी मर रही है

God is always with us

Aditya Tripathi (Assistant Teacher, Basic Shiksha, Hardoi)

In a time long forgotten, there existed a land where the seeds of righteousness were sown deep within the hearts of its people. Religion flourished, and its guiding principles of compassion, forgiveness, discipline, and knowledge were woven into the very fabric of society. The world thrived under the warm embrace of virtue, and fear was but a fleeting shadow.

However, as the ebb and flow of time carried on, a subtle change began to infiltrate the hearts of the people. The decline of religion cast its dark veil, snuffing out the light of righteousness. Compassion grew scarce, replaced by apathy and indifference. Forgiveness became a foreign concept, as grudges festered and tore communities apart. Discipline waned, leaving chaos to reign unchecked. Knowledge, once revered, faded into obscurity as ignorance spread its wings.

With the decline of these virtues, unrighteousness seized the opportunity to sow its seeds. Sin crept into the hearts of individuals, enticing them with its deceptive allure. Violence, like a relentless storm, ravaged the land, leaving destruction in its wake. Hatred, a venomous serpent, coiled around hearts, poisoning relationships and breeding animosity. Promiscuity, the seductress of morality, enticed the weak-willed, shattering the sanctity of love and commitment. Ignorance, a suffocating fog, engulfed minds, blinding them to the beauty of truth and wisdom.

In the face of such darkness, a divine presence descended upon the Earth. God, in their infinite grace and wisdom, could not bear to witness the world they had created spiraling into chaos. They appeared as a guiding light amidst the encroaching shadows, embodying righteousness and virtue.

With a purpose that burned brightly within their being, God set out to restore balance. They kindled the flame of righteousness in the hearts of those who had forgotten its warmth. Compassion flowed once more, like a gentle river of empathy, mending the broken bonds of humanity. Forgiveness embraced the wounded souls, healing deep-seated wounds and fostering reconciliation. Discipline, firm and unwavering, became the guiding force that led lost souls back to the path of self-mastery. Knowledge, like a beacon of truth, illuminated minds, dispelling the clouds of ignorance.

As God’s touch spread, unrighteousness trembled in the face of such divine intervention. Sin lost its allure, crumbling under the weight of righteousness. Violence, confronted by the radiance of love, recoiled, unable to withstand its power. Hatred, faced with compassion’s embrace, withered away, replaced by understanding and acceptance. Promiscuity’s hold diminished, fading into obscurity as the value of commitment and fidelity was reinstated. Ignorance, confronted by the light of knowledge, retreated, making way for enlightenment to flourish.

The world transformed under the influence of God’s presence. Joy and jubilation spread like wildfire, replacing the once-pervasive fear that had gripped the hearts of humanity. Harmony, long lost in the depths of despair, resurfaced, uniting people under the banner of virtue.

Through their divine intervention, God reestablished righteousness as the cornerstone of existence. The decline of religion halted in its tracks, giving rise to a new era of enlightenment. The lessons learned during the dark times became a testament to the enduring power of faith and the unwavering love of a divine force.

As generations passed, the story of God’s descent and the restoration of virtue echoed through the annals of time. The people, forever grateful for the redemption they had witnessed, vowed to nurture the flame of religion, ensuring that righteousness, compassion, forgiveness, discipline, and knowledge would forever guide their steps.

And so, the world continued its journey, carrying with it the profound understanding that whenever the decline of religion threatens to overshadow the virtues of humanity, God’s divine intervention is poised to restore balance, illuminating the path toward a joyful existence free from fear.