सई नदी की करुण कथा : पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक नदी मर रही है

Misconceptions Surrounding Religion – The True Essence of Dharma

Ancient religious scriptures often describe “the path worth following” as true dharma. However, in the context of today’s world, dharma seems to be overshadowed by mere pretense. We avoid criticizing any religion or discussing its virtues and vices, yet when someone uses religion to create division among people, it feels like a betrayal of faith. Hidden within religion is unwavering faith, which serves as the foundation whether one accepts religion or not. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says:

“I am seated in the hearts of all beings. I am the beginning, the middle, and the end of all knowledge.”

This implies that God resides within every being and is the source of memory, knowledge, and discernment. Through all the Vedas, it is God alone that is to be known, and He is the ultimate purpose of all knowledge. If God is one, why do we fight among ourselves by taking on different aspects of divinity? Arguing in the name of religion is sheer foolishness. The entire world is a creation of one Supreme Father. Differences in the name of religion are but illusions of the mind.

What is religion, you might ask? It is an entity that holds no bias. If we read between the lines, the definition of dharma as we understand it today is far from its true essence. Religion has been used to create divisions among people. Religious leaders have turned it into a commodity that divides rather than unites. No one has truly revealed the essence of dharma. Our modern scriptures barely accept the truth.

Often, we misinterpret what is written in religious scriptures. This misunderstanding sometimes takes us away from the path of righteousness and leads us towards wrongdoing. Today, we witness turmoil in the name of religion, with conflicts, hatred, and violence. We forget that the essence of religion is meant to promote peace and harmony. Religion should bring people together, but it has sadly been turned into a source of conflict.

The wisdom from the scriptures often gets lost, and the current interpretations of religious texts sometimes drive people away from their true purpose. Religious texts often go against the essence of morality, unity, and humanity that they were meant to teach. The turmoil in the world, especially in the name of religion, diverts humanity towards darkness. We are approaching an abyss, forgetting our human dharma.

However, it is a truth that every darkness is followed by light. People have tried to find the path even amidst the darkness, hoping that some ray of light will guide them. The quest for righteousness, dharma, is the key to dispelling the darkness and finding the light of authenticity in our lives.

In conclusion, the misconceptions and conflicts that arise in the name of religion are far from the true essence of dharma. True religion should unite, not divide. It should promote peace and understanding, not conflict. It is essential for us to seek the right knowledge and understanding of dharma to move past the divisions and conflicts that religion has sometimes created.

— Dr. Raghavendra Kumar ‘Raghav’