सई नदी की करुण कथा : पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक नदी मर रही है

Ode to Our Parents, Our Timeless Deities

Our parents, deities we cherish and adore,
Their legacy unbroken, forevermore.
With each passing day, our devotion grows deep,
Their wisdom's guidance, our hearts it keeps.
Though humble their form, their vision so grand,
They lead us with love to the promised land.
Their eternal goal, to nurture and to guide,
In their loving embrace, our hearts confide.
Their love for us, unwavering and true,
An endless bond, forever anew.
In sacred rituals and vows, we partake,
Their values, we'll never forsake.
In their silent moments, they meditate and inspire,
In their presence, our souls set ablaze with fire.
From Earth's gentle embrace to the sky's expanse so vast,
They embrace us all, from first to the very last.
With a mother's grace, we take our first breath,
A father's loving hand, our journey's first step.
Every parent's greatness, we celebrate with glee,
Our first deities, in them, we're eternally free.
Their guidance and love, we wear like a crown,
Our esteemed parents, in our hearts, renowned.
From Earth's fertile soil to the heavens above,
With their love as our anchor, we soar with love.
All parents, a divine presence, it's clear to see,
Their love for us shines through eternity.
With words, deeds, and affection's warm embrace,
Our beloved parents, our lifelong grace.
In speech, in thought, in every single action,
May we find joy, love, and heartfelt satisfaction.
Honoring our most revered deity's enduring might,
Our beloved parents, forever our guiding light.

—- Raghavendra Kumar Tripathi ‘Raghav’