सई नदी की करुण कथा : पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक नदी मर रही है

Only God desires happens

Aditya Tripathi (Asst. Teacher, Basic Education, Kothawan, Hardoi)

Once upon a time, in a land brimming with dreams and aspirations, there dwelled a young man named Lakhan. His heart was ignited by a fierce ambition, yearning to ascend to the pinnacle of power and influence. Lakhan was willing to traverse any path, surmount any obstacle, and employ any means necessary to achieve his lofty goal.

News reached Lakhan’s ears of a revered sage named Brahmanand, residing in a mystical forest nearby. The sage was renowned for possessing the ability to fulfill the deepest desires of those who sought him. Intrigued and hopeful, Lakhan embarked on a journey to meet Brahmanand, believing that this encounter would set him on the path to ultimate supremacy.

Upon reaching the ethereal abode of Brahmanand, Lakhan prostrated himself before the sage and humbly voiced his longing, “Great sage, I stand before you with a fervent desire—to become the most powerful individual in the world. Can you, in your divine wisdom, grant me this wish?”

Brahmanand regarded Lakhan with a serene smile, a glimmer of wisdom shining in his eyes. “Indeed, I possess the power to grant your wish,” he replied. “However, before I do so, there is a task you must undertake.”

Eagerly, Krishna implored, “What is it that I must do, revered sage?”

Brahmanand’s gaze bore into Lakhan’s soul as he conveyed his request. “You must confront and defeat the demon king, Farhad,” he said. “He is a formidable adversary, but if you can vanquish him, I shall fulfill your wish.”

Though apprehensive, Lakhan recognized that triumphing over Farhad would solidify his claim to unparalleled power. “I accept your challenge,” Lakhan declared with unwavering resolve.

With unwavering determination, Lakhan embarked on a treacherous journey towards the fortress of Farhad. After an arduous battle, fraught with peril, Lakhan emerged victorious, having overcome the daunting odds that had stood in his way. Triumphantly, he returned to the hallowed abode of Brahmanand, bowing before him in reverence.

“I have accomplished your task,” Lakhan announced. “Now, I beseech you to fulfill your promise and grant me my wish.”

A gentle smile played upon Brahmanand’s lips as he addressed Lakhan. “Your wish is granted,” he affirmed. “You now hold the mantle of the most powerful individual in the world.”

Lakhan’s heart swelled with euphoria. His aspirations had been realized; he had reached the summit of power. Yet, as he prepared to depart, Brahmanand detained him with words of wisdom.

“Before you leave, there is a crucial truth that must resonate within your being,” Brahmanand began. “Nothing occurs solely based on human desires; it is only through the divine will that events unfold. Endeavoring to cause distress to others is futile, for it is God who orchestrates and sustains all things. No one possesses the authority to act without the sanction of the divine. If you find yourself unable to harbor impartiality towards another, I implore you to release any traces of animosity, for in doing so, you transcend the clutches of your own enemy—hatred itself.”

Lakhan absorbed Brahmanand’s profound words, the wisdom resonating within the depths of his being. In his relentless pursuit of personal desires, he had overlooked the grand tapestry woven by God’s will.

“I comprehend the essence of your teachings,” Lakhan humbly responded. “Henceforth, I shall strive to align my life with the divine will.”

With newfound clarity and determination, Lakhan departed from Brahmanand’s sanctum, returning to his kingdom. As a ruler, he governed with wisdom and fairness, guided by the principles of divine will. He etched the lessons imparted by Brahmanand deep into his consciousness, never forgetting the timeless truth that hatred is an insidious foe, with the power to consume one’s own soul.

Lakhan’s reign epitomized benevolence, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to the greater good. He internalized the wisdom that had been bestowed upon him, constantly mindful of the imperatives of God’s will. His story served as a reminder to all who encountered it—a reminder to relinquish the shackles of personal desires and to embrace a path imbued with love, compassion, and forgiveness. For in doing so, one discovers the eternal wellspring of peace, harmony, and genuine fulfillment.