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Poem : Story of Life

Raghavendra Kr. Tripathi ‘Raghav’

राघवेन्द्र कुमार “राघव” प्रधान संपादक, इण्डियन वॉयस 24

what is life ?
It is like a flowing river.
Flowing on narrow and rocky paths. Enduring winter and summer.
Life is al like a river.
You know river does not stop
It is always flowing.
Bear many obstacles
and many difficulties.
Various kinds of sorrows
and many troubles.
But whoever gets in the way
She accompanies him.
If find someone alone
Takes her along with them.
Sometimes stops and sometimes flows.
Some time dusty and some time glows.
Does not stay anywhere for long.
Does not think ways right or wrong.
Singing and fluttering is going on
And teach a lesson to their edge.
Happiness and sorrows are same
She is teaching this in all days.
At the end meet to the beloved.
And losing her existence.
This is the story of life.
Also spiritual fragrance and essence.