थाना अलापुर, बदायूँ के रमनगला में आपराधिक प्रवृत्ति के एक युवक का शव बरामद

Rotten Education, Examination and Evaluation Policy of U.P Board and C.B.S.E.


प्रख्यात भाषाविद्-समीक्षक

By : Dr. Prithwi Nath Pandey

Actually Central and state govts. are doing corrupt practice and U.P. Board and C.B.S.E. have gone out of track. There is no proper and healthy education, examination and evaluation system in our country to promote the genuine talents. Educationists, intellectuals , Social reformers and parents have no word to protest the rotten policy of the above Govts. and boards. Not a single political leader is here to put the sane and educative advice in the Parliament of country.
It means, everywhere is gap, mist, smoke and haziness; no real light of knowledge, and for it each and every citizen of this country is guilty and responsible.

A large number of well-behaved, elegant in manners, well-curb, well-educated youth are wondering hither and thither to get 5000-6000 per-month salary only at any condition. Why is it so?

Have our thinkers no time to put the above scenario before the so-called ‘Kumbhkarnas’? It’S very pity and sorrowful for all over the country and also very ridiculous and object of scornful laughter for our leadership. Can you relate it with the so-called ‘Achchhe Din’? Our GovtS’ Education policy has derailed from it’S proper track. There is no remedy of the educative disease; policy-makers are looking afflicted with bodily and mental derangement; but Govt. is not keenly desire to do act in proper direction. It appears that central and state’S Govts. are eyeless, speechless and deaf.

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