Tellings of Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore

Beyond shiny toys and gold so bright,

There’s a deeper joy, a special light.

Not in grabbing stuff, but lending a hand,

Doing good things across the land.

It’s not about things that glitter and gleam,

But in hearts shining with a noble dream.

Helping others brings freedom’s song,

A spirit soaring, strong and strong.

In dreams that reach up to the sky,

In heroes brave, with spirits high.

In prayers, whispers soft and small,

In healing hands, in stories tall.

Yet, a quest that never rests,

In a cage made of selfish tests.

Until the soul, with love and grace,

Finds something bigger, a higher place.

Escape from wants that tie you tight,

Rise, oh soul, into the light.

In doing good, keeping your word,

Embrace the dawn, like a happy bird.

Let love shine, dissolve the dark,

Purpose as your guiding spark.

In giving, find endless might,

A heart that’s forever bright.

Open your eyes, follow the star,

To the sky, no matter how far.

In surrender, find the happiness,

A spiritual joy and goodness.

For in giving, you’ll come to see,

The spirit strong, forever free.

Go forward and think about goal,

In the drama of life play your role.