भ्रष्टाचार का मामला : जी०एस०आर०एम०एम०पी०जी० कॉलेज, लखनऊ में छात्रों से हो रही अवैध वसूली

Concept of ‘Corona free Uttar Pradesh’ is being true

The concept of ‘Corona free Uttar Pradesh’ is being true. Yogi government’s efforts are now starting to succeed. Today there are 19 districts where not a single positive case has come. There are 45 districts where only single digit positive cases have come and there are some districts where only 01 active case has remained.

Yogi Adityanath said that the country’s fight against Corona should be taken forward under the guidance of the Prime Minister. Be sure to get the covid vaccine. Some people tried to create confusion, but today everyone is accepting that vaccine is the only protection. The state government is preparing for a possible third wave of Corona. Construction of Pediatric ICU in the district, construction of parent special booth and distribution of medicine kit are part of this.

The Chief Minister said that team work in Uttar Pradesh has proved that whether it is corona pandemic or any challenge, positive results will not take long if every department discharges its responsibilities with strong will and collectiveness.

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