Poem : Loyalty of Great Horse Shubhrak

On land of India, where tales do roam.
Lessons of valor, both beast and home.
Loyal animals, hearts they have sown,
In loyalty and courage, they have shown.
In kingdom of Mewar, a horse stood tall.
His name was Shubhrak, known to all.
With beauty, strength and grace enthrall.
A loyal friend, run at Karna Singh’s call.

Grief-stricken, king Karna Singh mourned.
For the loyalty of Shubhrak, he graced.
With honor and love, horse he adorned.
In front of the palace, a tomb graced.
In history of Mewar, a sacrifice bold.
Loyalty of Shubhrak, a tale to be told.
To save its master, in courage it rolled.
A fatal blow, Lahore’s ruler’s end, foretold.
Shubhrak’s tomb, a symbol divine,
Of loyalty and valor, through time.
In India’s land, its tale will chime,
A bond unbroken, a loyalty’s climb.

राघवेन्द्र कुमार ‘राघव’
प्रधान संपादक,
इण्डियन वॉयस 24