Victim of depression Saurabh Patel now a Lecturer through proper guidance and hard work

Hardoi– Some months ago he was left thier study and practice of music after depression. But now after hard work Saurabh Patel git success. He will teach thousands of youth now. He has shown a path to youth those lost their patience in bad circumstances that never accepting defeat. In the era of COVID-19, Saurabh Patel, a musician from Balamau village, had left music and studies behind due to depression. However, with proper guidance, Saurabh not only overcame depression but also secured a position as a lecturer in Bihar and, now, with a recent selection as a music teacher in an Eklavya Residential School. He has given a fitting response to those who made excuses for failure. His father Mr. Rakesh kumar said that hard work always rewarded and I said this every time to him.

Saurabh Patel, a youth musician from Balamau village in Block Kachhauna, had been selected a few days ago as a lecturer in Bihar. Currently, he is undergoing training in Madhubani, Bihar. Meanwhile, a few days ago, in the declared results, Saurabh has also been selected as a music teacher in an Eklavya Residential School established for the welfare of Adivasis by the Government of India. Although Saurabh’s journey has never been easy, he has not received respect in society for pursuing a musical education; instead, he was often mocked as a band player. Some months ago, he even went into depression. However, with the help of his younger brother, Engineer Shivansh Patel, and his mentor social worker-teacher Aditya Tripathi, along with determination, he recovered and began studying. The results are now evident for everyone to see. Mr. Aditya Tripathi said that behind the success of Saurabh only one thing and that is passion. He said that Saurabh is crazy about their goal. Younger brother of Saurabh Patel, Er. Shivansh said that his brother is moody but so laborious and this is start, he may go beyond the thinking of mine. Saurabh’s dual success brings immense joy to his parents Mr. Rakesh Kumar and Madhuri Devi.