सई नदी की करुण कथा : पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक नदी मर रही है

Poem: Journalism and challenges

----Composed by Raghavendra Kumar Tripathi 'Raghav'

In the news kingdom, where stories unfold.
There is always truth buried and untold.
A demanding work that means no rest.
A relentless journey and a tireless quest.

From dawn till dusk, it stretches wide.
Like others nine-to-five it cannot abide.
Reacting swiftly to events unknown.
Balancing life’s scales, challenge thrown.

For within this realm, where ink meets strife.
Lies a path that tests one’s mental life.
Burnout lurks, a common foe to face.
As the weight of words make rightful place.

Objectivity sought, independence held.
A journalist’s creed, their story to weld.
Yet biases loom, agendas always unfold.
Challenging the truths that should be bold.

In this field, truth is the sacred guide.
Deception’s opposition, none shall hide.
Expectations set, boundaries secure.
Navigating tumultuous seas, pure.

Emotions set aside, beliefs laid bare.
Today, journalism’s under fire’s glare.
A battle fought with ink and pen.
To protect the essence of truth again.

In this tumultuous dance, they persist.
Journalists, seekers, in words they enlist.
With valor and passion, they tread wire.
Seeking the spark to ignite the fire.

There is no emotions and no any belief.
All journalist work like dumb and deaf.
Through storms and flames, they shall aspire.
To keep the flame of truth burning higher.

(Composed on Hindi Patrakarita Diwas/30 May 2023)

It’s my humble request to all of you that please help to correct the impurities.