मतदान आपकी जिम्मेदारी, ना मज़बूरी है। मतदान ज़रूरी है।

The ‘anti-student’ game of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission continues!


Linguist Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey said the options of six questions of Review Officer-Assistant Review Officer exam. are wrong

In the question paper of the subject ‘General Hindi’ conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, Prayagraj last Sunday, out of 60 questions, all the answer-options of 6 questions are wrong, it has been described as a disgusting joke with the competitive students of the country. General Hindi-specialist Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey has been continuously raising questions on the wrong questions in the general Hindi/Hindi-language papers of competitive examinations, while the Commission and examiner remain silent. Acharya Pandey has given all the answer-options as synonyms of ‘Chor’ in question-number 14 of ‘Series B’ question paper :– ‘Khanak’, ‘Udak’, ‘Dhusar’ and ‘Thalchar’ have been declared as wrong. He has given the meaning of the three respectively to the ‘khodane wala’, ‘Paani’, Bhoore rang ka’ and ‘Prithwi par rahane wala praani’ Question 17 asks for a spelled correct word, whereas in its answer-option (c) Pareeksha and (D) Pariksha– both are correctly spelled words. Pareeksha means ‘Jaanch’ and Pariksha means ‘Keechad’. In question number 20, correct sentence has been asked while all the answer options are incorrect. (a), (b) and (d) are prima facie wrong, whereas (c) the sentence of option– ‘Bina ticket yaatra dandneey hai.’ It is also impure. ‘Bina ticket ke/liye yaatra karna sandesh hai.’- If this sentence had been there, it would have been considered pure; Because the option given in the question paper has a syntax defect. In question number 22 a particular word has been asked, whereas in its answer-option (b) Vaadi and (d) Manas—both are adjectives; Vaadi means ‘Bolane wala” and Manas means ‘Man’. In question number 24, a correct pair of opposite words has been asked, while none of the given answer options is correct. If the Commission accepts its (d) option ‘Aadrit-Tiraskrit’ then it is wrong; Because the correct option would be’Aadrit-Anaadrit, which is not even given. ‘Puraskrit- is accompanied by ‘Tiraskrit’. Language expert Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey has told that ‘Avarshan-Anaavarshan’ are synonymous, whereas ‘Aaapatti-Vipatti’ and ‘Gantantra-Jantantra are not the same. Now look at question no. 46. In this the word Tadbhav has been asked. Whereas all the four options are Samskrit-language i.e. similar. ‘Anga’ is a word from the dhaatu ‘Anga’. ‘Gayand’ is also a Samskrit-language word. The ‘Mattgayand’ composed by the combination of this ‘Gayand’ has been considered as a distinction of the ‘Sawaiya’ verse. ‘Angi’ is derived from the Samskrit-language word ‘Angin’. The word ‘Waanar’ is of Samskrit language. From this,’Vanaranamadhisham’ has been composed.

According to Acharya Pandey, all its interrogative simple sentences are impure; Because at the end of all such sentences there is a ‘description’ (:—) The sentence of question number two– ‘Is the spelling of ‘One’ makes a sound that the examinees have been questioned on the correctness of the spelling of the word ‘One’. In question number 30, instead of ‘Korona pidit hai’, ‘Korona se pidit hai’.

In question number 49, the word ‘Balawaan’ in option (a) is incorrect; because the correct word is ‘Balwaan’, which is with the suffix ‘waan”.
Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey has demanded an inquiry from the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath against the Commission-playing with the future of competitive students for a long time.