भ्रष्टाचार का मामला : जी०एस०आर०एम०एम०पी०जी० कॉलेज, लखनऊ में छात्रों से हो रही अवैध वसूली

Vaccines for all

Ranu Singh :

A Global Pandemic require a global responses. And the development of effective and safe COVID-19 vaccines is a huge step in our fight against the pandemic. However, the vaccine distribution still remains the biggest threat to our global recovery, As long as the virus continues to spread, disportionately impacting the most vulnerable communities our return to normalcy will be delayed.

People should highlight the importance of vaccines for our entire global community. While our country and certain countries are well on their way to vaccinating all the citizens, other countries still have not been able to afford vaccination for even the most vulnerable members of their community. Highlight the important of all of us coming together and advocating for vaccine equity so that we can all be safe.

Quick and equitable vaccine distribution is vital to end this pandemic. Although we may not be able to individually solve the complex bottleneck in vaccine allocation, we can do our part to spread awareness and build trust in our own communities.

Here are some quick tips to talk to family and friends about vaccines :-

  1. Speak from self awareness. Instead trying to convince them to take the vaccine, ask them Open-ended question to help them discover their own reasons. What would make you want to get vaccine? If they say ‘ I want to protect my family build on that.
  2. Use #facts instagram, facebook, twitter links CDC page with lot of helpful tidbits and resources.
  3. Do not forward false messages related to COVID (or literally anything) without double checking if they are factual. Also, the ones who have received such messages. Kindly cross check before believing or forwarding just anything that comes your way especially as a Whatsapp forward or a meme.
    Share your own experience. Use social media to share your story and credible information. Your community may feel more comfortable and willing to do by themselves.
    Covisheild and covaxin both the vaccines authorized in India are really good at stopping COVID-19 from being deadly.
    We can see from countries that are further along in their rollouts (eg. US, UK, and Israel) that vaccines work. When a big chunk of people vaccinated, COVID-19 cases, Hospitalization, and deaths all pleemet.
    So when you get a vaccine, you’re taking yourself out of the virus path. But you’re also giving the virus one less person to replicate within. This protects community. Vaccines are not just good for you. They are good for your community too.

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