सई नदी की करुण कथा : पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक नदी मर रही है

Chapter 11 of Bhagavad Gita : Vishwaroop Darshan Yog

Dr. Raghavendra Kumar Tripathi ‘Raghav’–

In the Chapter 11 Vishwaroop Darshan Yog of Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna aims to deepen Arjun’s devotion and spiritual understanding. Here’s a breakdown:

Krishna explains His divine power, emphasizing that all beauty, glory, and power in the world are just a tiny glimpse of His immense splendor. This sparks Arjun’s curiosity.

Arjun acknowledges that Krishna has shared profound spiritual knowledge with him, dispelling his illusions. He expresses a desire to see Krishna’s divine cosmic form.

Krishna grants Arjun divine vision and reveals His universal form, which encompasses all of creation. This form is described as having countless arms, faces, and an overwhelming radiance.

Arjun witnesses the entire universe within Krishna’s form, including celestial beings, sages, and even the Kauravas meeting their fate.

Overwhelmed and fearful, Arjun asks about the identity of this awe-inspiring form. Krishna explains that He is the force of Time, the destroyer of worlds, and that the Pandavas’ victory is assured.

Arjun praises Krishna’s infinite forms and asks for forgiveness for not recognizing His divinity earlier.

Arjun requests Krishna to return to a more familiar, pleasing form, and Krishna transforms into His four-armed and then two-armed form.

Krishna emphasizes that only through unwavering devotion can one truly understand and unite with God. He explains that performing duties with love for God, without attachment or malice, leads to union with Him.

In this chapter illustrates Arjun’s spiritual journey, his awe at witnessing Krishna’s cosmic form, and Krishna’s teachings on devotion and the true nature of God. It emphasizes the importance of deep devotion in attaining union with the divine.