Awakening and sleep

★ Acharya Pt Prithvi Nath Pandey

On the dense road of Allahabad
Old-fashioned sleeping adult,
Co-ordinates livelihoods;
Amazingly collected and segregated
Demonstrate a civilization of conduct;
Interviewing the subconscious,
As if far from worldly
A dreamed beauty in a closed ventricle
Shreya-Preya, with her own memory, bound in the multiverse of Yoga-Khem.
Dreams of dreams, unbroken, unbroken
Attraction-Distraction, Recurrence and Crack
You are doing it
Right now, as soon as we step on the surface of consciousness
The heat of thought will appear,
The mind will ask itself.
Perhaps the question is embedded in the ridges of the palms.
Jagriti asks Sushupti – Why were you far away from me?
Sculpting your attic
Used to bind old man with despair.
The heroine groping the nightmare,
As if the sand sliding with the fist is like ‘antelope’
You are witnessing.
And observing,
Observed within taboos
Unexpected – imaginative view.
Be free from nasal hemorrhage,
To the olfactory fibers of the dreamland
To bind oneself with.

Cinematographer – Acharya Pt Prithvi Nath Pandey

(All rights reserved – Acharya Pt. Prithvi Nath Pandey, Prayagraj; 12 April, 2021 AD).