सई नदी की करुण कथा : पौराणिक और ऐतिहासिक नदी मर रही है

DIET organizes World Hindi Language Day on January 10

On behalf of ‘Diet’ (District Institute of Education and Training, Prayagraj), ‘World Hindi Language Day’ will be organized at ‘Diet-Auditorium’, Civil Lines, Prayagraj on coming January 10 from 11 A.M. As the chief guest in that event, linguist-critic Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey will deliver a lecture on ‘the state and direction of Hindi language at the world level’, after which his workshop will be organized on the use of correct and exact Hindi words.

This information has been given by the Deputy Director of Education and Principal of District Institute of Education and Training, Prayagraj.