मतदान आपकी जिम्मेदारी, ना मज़बूरी है। मतदान ज़रूरी है।

For how long will you keep reading the incorrect name ‘Bhaardwaj Ashram’? – Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey

In Prayagraj, near ‘Anand Bhawan’, the ashram of ‘Vishwaguru’ ‘Bhardwaj Muni’ is situated. The same Bharadwaj-ashram, where ten thousand students studied every day while staying. Bhardwaj Muni has been called the first Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of the world. Not only this, the credit of settling Prayag also goes to Bharadwaj Muni.

The context does not arise here simply; Rather, there is a very big reason behind this, which raises many questions on the consciousness and awareness of Prayagraj’s scholars, teachers and other enlightened class.

It is noteworthy that Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey, a well-known signature linguist and critic for the correct and appropriate word use-campaign, to enter the ‘Bhardwaj Muni’ temple located in Prayagraj, which is the main entrance, on which Maharshi ‘Bhaardwaj’ is visible for years. Revealing his deep concern about the incorrect name of the aashram, he has said, “I have been making public this matter continuously that the name which has been inscribed on the entrance of the temple is incorrect; ‘Bhaardwaj Ashram’ is inscribed there. Whereas ‘Bhardwaj-Ashram’ should have been engraved there; but the officials concerned are deaf-mute-looking. We should not forget that the name is always ‘noun’, while ‘Bhaardwaj’ is an adjective-word, which means ‘Bhardwaj-born in the clan/gotra’, while ‘Bhardwaj’ is a noun word, which means ‘a gotra-promoting mantrakar sage’.

Expressing his serious concern, Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey said, “All the teachers of the so-called ‘Central University’, which is called ‘Oxford of the East’; Meritorious students of the hostel called I.A.S.-I., P.C.S. Well-known so-called ‘sir people’ of the coaching-centre; Saints-tradition’s flag bearer; AcharyaVrind of ‘Ganganath Jha Rashtriya Samskrita Sansthanam’, who tell the deeds and meanings of Samskrita language- grammar-literature; Teachers of all Sanskrit-pathshalas affiliated ; Distinguished people who do commendable work in the fields of education, literature, grammar; Research scholars of Samskrita-Hindi and Hindi teachers of all educational institutions of Prayagraj and other people see the incorrectness of the word ‘Bhaardwaj Ashram’ appearing at the main entrance of the said ashram. Why haven’t you been able to bring your understanding level yet, it is not only a matter of surprise, but it is also a sign of the indifferent attitude of everyone! ‘ is not marked ‘Bhardwaj Ashram’ I do.”

To substantiate his argument, Acharya Pandey said, “Goswami Tulsidas has written in ‘Shri Ramcharitmanas’,

“Bhardwaj Muni Basahin Prayaga. Tinhahin Rampad Ati Anuraga.”

Tulsi Baba again says,
“Bhardwaj Ashram ati pawan, param ramya munivar manbhavan.”

Not only this, the power and importance of Tirtharaj Prayag has been underlined with the name of ‘Bhardwaj Muni’,
“Triveni Madhavam Somam, Bharadwajam Cha Vasukim.

Vande Akshayavatam Sesham, Prayagam Teerthanayakam.” Even after reading all these and happening, if the name of the first resident of Prayag, the first Chancellor and the first aviologist ‘Sage Bharadwaj’, who named Prayag, is written objectionable (Bhaardwaj) in Prayagraj itself, then such a situation It’s deplorable, of course.”

He said in unequivocal words, “We will not blame any politician here, because their ‘incompetence’ is their ‘worthiness’.” He also told that, there is no justification for using (main-) additive (-) in front of the word ‘Main’ inscribed at the entrance of Bharadwaj-ashram. Sorry, it hasn’t been put where it should be. The pure word is ‘Bhardwajashram’ / ‘Bhardwaj-ashram’. ‘Entrance’ is also written wrong. In the ‘entrance door’, there is ‘Sashti Tatpurush’ samas, whose deity is ‘the door to enter’, so it will be written like this – ‘Prawesh dwaar’ or ‘Prawesh-deaar’. In this way, it will have to be marked there as soon as possible – ‘Maharshi Bharadwaj Aashram Ka Pramukh Prawesh-dwaar’.”

कब तक अशुद्ध नाम ‘भारद्वाज आश्रम’ पढ़ते रहोगे?– आचार्य पं० पृथ्वीनाथ पाण्डेय

(All rights reserved– Acharya Pt. Prithwinath Pandey, Prayagraj; January 30, 2022 A.D.)